Slow download speeds since IP chances

I switched link back to Yayzi for the first time since the great outage of 2024 today and… oh, dear.

First test via Yayzi, second test via VM after flipping the gateway priority:

OVHcloud’s test at agrees with the speeds, too.

Thanks for this, we’re looking into it now. This is really helpful

Can you guys do a speedtest to Community Fibre in London?

dont know it this will help you.

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Can we pop you on a different network and do some testing and then pop you back?

sure do whatever you need to do

Please could you reboot your router for me? Should go onto a 185 address, then retest to Community Fibre for me :slight_smile:


I’m assuming this is hardwired and no other downloads in the background?

Can you put our router in for us just for the next 10 mins?

Hi yes hardwire nothing else downloading

this is a speed test with the same set up using VM

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Can you retest when connected? :slight_smile:

speedtest from TP router

I can see thats a Macbook Pro, so 1Gbps limited, so that looks a lot better, hmm!! Want to try your own again?

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Can you have a look at mine too as not getting the correct speeds? I’m currently on the the 185.* range

Using your router wired speed tests against the London community fibre.

Why has my ip been changed? I pay for static at 50 quid a month can’t you sort this?

You’re on a static now. Connection may have dropped and got a new IP but that will not change. Apologies for that