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Hi @Yayzi_Team !

On the 5th June, via DM, you acknowledged that my previously assigned “static” IP address would be restored and apologised for the help teams lack of understanding about statics. You confirmed restoation would take 24-48hrs and that you’d drop me a message once complete.

I’ve been pretty patient, but despite chasing on and off via DM, you have provided no further response nor restored the static IP.

Is this something you can provide an update on please?

I will email them. They don’t appear to reply to DM on here, But their email Support is great.

[email protected]

Thanks. Initially, @Yayzi_Team was really responsive and helpful via DM, committing to a sensible resolution to the issue and apologising that the support teams understanding of static IP workings was limited.

Unfortunately, the promised fix hasnt materialised however, which is a shame.

My post in the forum was to try and prompt a response from them, should they have lost track of the DM conversion.

Looking into this for you @ItsDave my apologies!


@Yayzi_Team happy Friday! Did you get chance to progress this?

@Yayzi_Team anything?

Hi Dave, apologies yet again -_- I’ve just chased the network team up as they have been doing the statics. But seems to have missed yours. I’ve asked them to to get this done today for you, urgently.


Unfortunately, still not sorted. Its been a month since it was raised via DM.

I dont want to be unreasonable and I have no idea what your architecture is like, but is sorting out a dhcp reservation really this hard?

Raise it via email…. It’s better

I have, but the team didnt understand static IPs (as acknowledged by Yayzi on DM here). After the delay, I eventually reluctantly followed the complaints process, but received no response.

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Ah. Sorry you’re having issues, I’m not defending them, but as the @Yayzi_Team said, there’s only 10 of them, my guess would be 1 network engineer