Steam download speed

@Yayzi_Team i think a round of applause is over due. So my previous broadband provider VM on there 1gig connection I would get roughly 30-80Mbps download. I am now downloading Call Of Duty on my son’s pc and getting 510+Mbps. I have never seen this speed before. Since the port upgrade my son can now game happy and brag to all of his friends when they come round of how fast his internet is (Not in a nasty way before anyone says out😂)

Thanks for awesome support​:clap::clap::clap::clap:


There’s something wrong if you were only getting 30-80mbps on VM……

Anyway I’m glad you’re happy with CF and Yayzi, as am I

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Yeah VM has been shite the last year or so that’s why I made the change.

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Fair enough, I made the change because of Virgin Media’s shitty upload speed

Yeah upload is shocking isn’t it.

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Well considering thats in Mbps. So thats 500meg which is half the slowest speed that yayzi does, so you’re using at a minimum half your bandwidth. When normally steam shows in MB/s and its not MB/s because 500MB/s is 4,000 Mbps

It’s still good as say most my son has had on his pc is 60-80. Plus steam downloads are slow as fu** anyways from there end. I’m only using 1/5 of my download as on the 2.5gig

I’m guessing the steam download servers are limited then on speed

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No steam servers do not limit speed. Steam downloads are Highley dependant on CPU. If you look at your CPU usage while downloading you will see it maxed out 100% thus will effect your download speed. I’m currently on 2gb on a different provider my download maxes out at 1.5gbps on steam that’s due to my aging i9 9900k CPU not being able to keep up.


Thanks for that information. I will have a look next time he downloads something

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Yeah, VM was a complete shock for me too, and I was paying for the 1Gb connection too.
I was only getting around 200Mb if I was lucky with that.

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It’s a joke really isn’t it


VM is shocking with the mid contract price rises, Slow (in comparison to Yayzi) upload speed and out of contract price hikes

Hmm, must confess that I was generally happy with VM. I had been with them for about 20 years so back in NTL days. Not saying there weren’t issues as I had plenty in the past - mostly due to over utilisation.

But, in the last 3-4 years, no issues at all. Got my 1.2 download fine. However, uploads are shite - end of. That and, as you said, the mid contract price hikes coupled with doing the contract renewal dance.

At the start of my last 18 months with them was paying £27 per month for 1gb and phone line which was a bloody good deal. That trickled up to £30 by the end - still not too shabby. But I like these new upload speeds too much and the latency is much better. Now that the port has been sorted, all good to go.

So, with the VOIP route I have been forced to go down, I am paying more than I was with VM. But, no fannying around phoning every time they up the price to get it removed and no more crap at contract renewal. And it’s much more fun here!! Uploads are a revelation.

So for me this is costing me more but it’s a much more interesting ride!

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It’s not that difficult to go VOIP either! Either get a VOIP phone or VOIP adapter. I’m with SIPgate before they axed the PAYG, so I’m grandfathered into that, so I have a landline if I need it. I mean, I don’t, but it’s there

No, it was all pretty straightforward - once I got the adapter fully and correctly configured! But, it’s extra cost. With VM it was £27 all in. Now it’s more than that just for the broadband and I then have to pay for VOIP on top. I’m with Voipfone who seem OK. Monthly rolling and reasonable value. Only really need it for emergencies and incoming calls. Don’t think I’ve phones out on it yet so could probably change to cheaper plan to be honest.

Yeah, I recall the NTL days myself, I’ve been with them a good long while too.

But yeah, the download speed wasn’t promising, yeah the upload speed was crap as well only up to 100Mb.

And their excuse of peak hours was just their crappy way of saying that they cannot handle the speed that they say they can provide.
At first I thought maybe there was some sort of QoS or adaptive QoS in place, but no, just straight up bogus from their end lol.

I did mention somewhere, probably in another thread, that I was paying nearly £70 (started at around £50) with their price hikes at the end of the month, and now that I’m with Yayzi, I’m currently paying £38, looking to upgrade to 2.3Gb+ package soon when I upgrade my NICs, and even that’s cheaper than VM with their false advertisements lol

I will admit though, you’re the first I’ve heard who was/is a VM customer to get 1.2Gb from VM lol

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This Virgin Media upload speed is really pissing me off :smiley: - I am at my parents for a few days. I didn’t ever think I’d miss my internet connection… People told me I would never need more than 50mb/s upload

Okay so upon testing further my son was downloading to external HDD that’s why download was only 500Mbps I changed to default NVME and download went to 1.2Gbps but like everyone in here had suggested it’s the CPU which is the bottleneck see pic below. What sort of money/CPU would be able to handle full 2.5Gbps downloads

Hi Sean. Imho there is no way that the CPU is the bottleneck. Now I would put my bets on maybe the network card(?). Maybe your network card in your computer is only 1GBPS?

No the Ethernet card not the bottleneck as it’s a 2.5Gbps one

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