Wait time for Static IP allocation?

Can someone from @Yayzi_Team please clarify the current situation with the static IPs?

We’re allocating statics today :slight_smile:


185 range?

Would you need it on the 185 or would you be happy with another range?

I want to stop on185 please, had too much trouble with VPN/GEO issues on others. I can’t be doing with the grief if my wife starts having issues again :grin:

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@Yayzi_Team, same as @CraigT1976, please keep it on 185. Just give me the one I’ve been (dynamically) allocated already.

Same here, happy to stay on 185 range, just need it to be static.

I need a static IP that isn’t US based

Me too. My supposedly static IP (which took months to get sorted last year) is changing with every reboot.

@Yayzi_Team I thought the static allocations on the 185 range had been completed last week? My router did it’s weekly scheduled reboot over night and its changed once again.

Same here bro. IP changes after a reboot. Plus showing im in the US.

Will this be fixed anytime soon?

I’m still not getting a static IP address. When will this be sorted?

They said it would be fixed this weekend. Mine always changes after a reboot so I am not sure what is happening.

We’ve been doing changes in batches just to minimise any issues. We’re probably being a little bit cautious, but we don’t want any more problems :joy:

Can you check if you’ve given me one yet pls?

Do we get some sort of confirmation we have been switched over to a static ip address.

An email or message of some sort?

Not that i’ve seen and i’ve been on a static for about a fortnight at this point as confirmed after multiple reboots.

I will try a reboot then shortly to see the outcome.