Went live 7hrs ago and its been eratic

Getting alot webpages ethier taking ages to load or jst hang,while others are fine,had drop outs all night streaming videos,all hardwired,if I switch bck to virgin hub Web pages load fine and no drop outs when streaming,I was quite dubious about joining yayzi,would they be able to run a network as good as the big ones or will I have issues cause there a startup,joined Vodafone on cityfibre a few weeks ago from virgin but cancelled cause the ping was worse,speed were great and the bqm was clean as hell with zero yellow spikes but yayzi isn’t off to good start,lot of spikes and a litlle packet loss already,have I made a mistake.

Hi is it Yayzis own router?

Generally unplug and plug back in the box on the wall (ONT) and resetting your router to default is the first stage.

I was using yayzi own router then I switched to my asus router rt-ax86u to see if it was more stable but still the same,cityfibre installed a new ont,done the reset aswell

That is a high green bar for Yayzi/CF, I expect to see that on Virgin!, not CF

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Have you checked the ethernet cables and anything else in-between

Yes checked everything multiple times,the service has been really eratic,reset the ont twice,tried yayzi and my own asus router,so not impressed with the bqm results,cityfibre has been installed in my area about 18months so teething issues should be fixed,but this must yayzi issue cause I had Vodafone 1gig installed on cf 2 weeks ago and there was zero yellow spikes but latency worse than yayzi at 22-35 vs yayzi 15-20,but I’ve seen others Glasgow on yayzi and Vodafone who have better pings than me,should have probaly went with brawband as there based in Edinburgh,surprised someone from yayzi support hasn’t replied bck

Did you email them?

Yes twice,still no reply :disappointed: hate dealing with emails when ur trying to explain and fix problems,didn’t know they don’t have phone support,this 2024 ridiculous

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They are bringing on more support staff, but it takes time to train them unfortunately. I hope it gets fixed soon though

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Our network team is looking into this, there are absolutely no issues on our side of the network, and we are working with CityFibre but unfortunately their support teams won’t be back in until Monday, so we’re a little limited.

We’ll sort it for you!

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That’s weird your saying there is no issues,I got a email reply from yayzi after 10hours saying there has been connection problems in Glasgow for the last couple of days and when is phone support coming? This whole email us when uve got a problem is frustrating,I waited 10h for a reply and I’m a new customer and most new customers have teething issues,what if my Internet was down for the last 10h And I had no Internet am sure that has happened to someone and theve Been sitting waiting on a email reply,Phone support is crucial and I can’t think of any provider who dosent have phone support,my connection has been eratic since yesterday,my bqm is showing small packet loss, and a higher latency than I expected from cityfibre and is about the same as my rubbish virgin connection that I’m leaving this month I’m getting a average 17ms ping,I thought it would at most 10ms,this was using my mac hardwired

Even with phone support it still wouldn’t get CF as they don’t work weekends to help solve your issue.
But hopefully Yayzi can help you get sorted soon after :grinning::+1:

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Thx for letting me know,didn’t know cf don’t work weekends


Yeah a lot of these line providers don’t actually work weekends. So if there’s an issue cityfibre side then they can’t do much other than wait till Monday. They (CF) do have people working in their NOC (network operations centre) but they only deal with major outages during the weekend. Luckily Yayzi do work weekends to deal with their infrastructure (which is primarily is based in telehouse) normally there infrastructure is based after the CF switches.

Hopefully this gives you a bit of insight behind how city fibre works

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One of the small benefits of VM - they own the whole infrastructure from end to end. With FTTP, you have both the ISP reseller and the infrastructure provider to deal with, with the big boys being either City Fibre or Openreach. You would have thought CF should provide some sort of weekend support though, but there you go. If you have a problem with VM, you generally get to speak to some automaton reading off a script and then an engineer gets booked to come and look at the issue a few days later. So, even without weekend support, probably not much in it at the end of the day!

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This is a very very basic diagram to show you, could be wrong but thats basically how CityFibre, ONFL, MS3 etc works.

And sometimes (almost all the time) the Infra provider tends to blame the ISP/Reseller unless proven otherwise. Well in what I’ve seen anyhow.

Have to admit never had an issue with VMB, mainly becuase no price rise, nice portal (no junk shit), 12 hour SLA, Account manager etc

For refernce this is the portal I’m on about

Sorry I think you’ve misunderstood, I mean there isn’t any issues in our end (our network) but it is with CityFibre currently and we expect to hear back Monday


I love this diagram!

Thankfully we have a great relationship with CityFibre so can get things sorted pretty quickly but that unfortunately doesn’t change weekend with them :frowning: