When does the CGNAT IP move to a static IP?

I had my 2Gig Pro+ installed today by CityFibre, and am getting a good 2000+ Mbps down and 970 Mbps up, however I am getting a CGNAT WAN IP.

I have seen some posts about yayzi scrapping CGNAT. Do I just wait for a static IP allocation or do I need to ask for one?

So far the whole process from signing up to installation was very smooth, so excited to see what they can do!

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It changed over automatically at 4pm this evening for me.

Existing customers moved completely off CGNAT today, you’re on a Pro so you’ll be assigned a static tomorrow :grinning:

Glad to hear everything went smoothly!

Just want to confirm that I have now been moved off CGNAT and have a static IP

Really happy with the service so far :+1:

I’m still on my 94 IP address, should that have changed? I am currently paying for a static IP, so is that why? Also, can i now cancel the static subscription due to the IPv6 change?

Hi @calh,

Would you mind to share which router was given to you?

I have also ordered for 2Gig Pro+ and I was given TP Link Aginet! I can see this router is not capable to hanlde more than 1000Mb! Therefore I am geting about ~850Mb. I also supposed to get static IP but no luck!

Yayzi’s customer support and ways of communicating them is un-reasonably bad! I am scarred !

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If you’re on a 2Gig Pro+ you will get a TPLink Aginet router, it should be an EX820v.

Can you confirm that your pc/desktop has a 2.5Gbps port?

Edit: I’ve just had a look and can see you have the EX820v so definitely a 2.5Gbps router, but your WAN port is synced at 1000Mbps. Which is why you’re not getting the full speeds. You may need to check the cable, it could be faulty.

I can also see that the devices you have/had plugged in are themselves only syncing at 1000Mbps.

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Check the cable, my EX820v shipped with a Cat5e cable, I switched it to Cat7 to be on the safe side.

Also, make sure you’re plugged into the 2.5g port as below, the other ports are gigabit only.

I also got a TP-Link EX820v

One interesting thing was that I tried to get the 2500Mbps LAN port working with my desktop PC’s 2500Mbps NIC, but could only get it to negotiate at 1000Mbps, until the WAN port was running at 2500Mbps, then the LAN port also did. This was when I was getting the router ready before my connection was installed by CityFibre. When it was, everything started working at 2500Mbps

C’mon, nobody is going to sell you a 2.5Gb service and not send you a router capable of delivering it, that’s just silly. It’s easy to miss the label on the bottom of the ports highlighting which is 2.5Gb, not sure how you miss the spec of the router though:

  • Multi-Gig Connections: Break through the 1 Gbps bottleneck with a 2.5G WAN port and 2.5G LAN port for faster internet access and wired connections.

Plug in a client with a 2.5Gb capable port (it has to support NBASE-T 2.5Gb, the older 10Gb cards won’t work eg Intel x540 as they only do 1/10Gb rather than 1/2.5/5/10Gb) to the 2.5Gb port on the router as shown above and it should work as intended, CAT 5e will do 10Gb so no need for a better cable. If that doesn’t work post back :slight_smile:

I think your information on the Cat5e cable is wrong based on everything I’ve read.

e.g. “Because CAT6 cables perform up to 250 MHz which is more than twice that of CAT5e cables (100 Mhz), they offer speeds up to 10GBASE-T or 10-Gigabit Ethernet, whereas CAT5e cables can support up to 1GBASE-T or 1-Gigabit Ethernet”

If you’re on more than 1gb connection don’t risk CAT5e for the sake of a price of a cable, you can get CAT7 or better for a few £ off Amazon.

This is one of those situations where one of us reads and one of us does. You can run 10Gb over 5e upto 45m+ depending on the cable, which for most people in the UK means domestic installs are fine. To remove doubt, that’s solid core eg structured, not stranded eg patch. I have done this in commercial and residential situations for over a decade, the only issues are poor termination or crappy cable installs. When I first used to say this on a well known UK hardware forum people got bent out of shape, now it’s established fact - google it :+1:

Also 6 is barely better than 5e, you need 6a to get a significant boost in length, don’t bother with what’s claimed to be cat7.


I am not getting more than 1000Mbps! I chnaged all of cables to Cat8 and still no luck!

What speed is your network card that you’re wired to?

Go to your NIC card properties and firstly put it in auto negotiate, if that doesn’t work try forcing 2.5g full duplex.

it should look like this, if you don’t see 2.5g or faster then your NIC card may be your bottleneck.

The WAN port is also negotiating 1Gig so that would cap throughput regardless of the LAN side (which is also negotiating 1Gig)… @bashet do you know which ONT CF fitted on install?

I was just about to post, I changed my NIC to negotiate at 1gb and got the below

The fact your WAN says 1000mb makes me think your ONT is a 1gb is the issue.

The ONT should just gently lift if you push upwards as it’s only hooked onto two screws, you can then take a pic of the back of it to confirm the model.

This is what CityFiber installed at my home. I don’t know what type of ONT it is. If this is causing issue to get restricted to 1Gig then @Yayzi_Team should contact CityFiber to change it.

Can possibly tell what ONT it is if you can post a picture of it.

Ah, great minds!!!

That looks like one of the 1Gb ones to me - I used to have one like that which got swapped out.

2.5Gbps ONT’s are also the same as this, best thing to do is send a picture of the back of the ONT.