XGS-PON Upgrades

Hi @Yayzi_Team

I’m sure you’ve mentioned previously that you were looking to put together a form or similar for those interested in getting their area updated to XGS-PON so you could present it to CF, is there anything happening towards this? I signed up on the promise that I would be updated to the 2.3Gig Pro+ when my area was updated, but truth be I have no abolutely no idea of when that’ll be.

Anything you can do to give me better idea of timescales would be appreciated.

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I would be interested to know when this will happen also.

I read a post from ISPREVIEW that said CF where upgrading the whole network to be capable of providing 2gig up and down but my area is also not been done yet (Peterborough)

I seem to remember that Yayzi was going to try and negotiate with CF to try and get a deal together so that customers didn’t have to pay for the XGS-PON if one was needed.

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So we’re expecting all already to be XGSPON ready around August this year (currently)

It will be a free upgrade from the 2Gig Pro+ to the 2.3Gig Pro+