Router upgrade from Yayzi to ASUS

Hi, so I’m thinking of upgrading my router from the Yayzi to one of the ones below. Do you think it would be beneficial or not. I have MacBook, couple wifi 6E wireless pc adaptors, 2 iPhone pro Max, Ps5, 2 Xbox series X, 4 televisions, 1 firecube & 3 firesticks, laptop with wifi 6E.

I like Yayzi router but it doesn’t have wifi 6E as far as I know

If it’s better Wi-Fi you’re looking for, my suggestion would be to put your money into a 6E capable mesh system rather than a single point access. Plus from what I’ve read on hear most the more tech savvy people don’t rate Asus routers.

Always open to router ideas/makes. I have used ASUS routers for the past 15 years and had zero issues with the brand. If someone could elaborate more on why not to use them then that would be great.


WiFi is all about location location location. A bang average access point in a good location will out perform a top of the line access point in a poor location. Mesh systems are great for extending range but not for raw speed (unless they are all hard wired)


They make horrible products, charge ridiculous prices, were caught faking FCC certification data, refused to patch CVE’s for years, got prosecuted in the US, were fined and forced to pay for 25 years of external auditing, lied about fixing modem chipsets that other OEM’s did indeed get working, and have a horrible history of poor quality hardware manufacturing with soldered connections between switches and wifi boards failing. Thats just the abridged version.

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Be very aware that some Asus routers don’t support VLAN, do you research on your particular choice of router before buying :slightly_smiling_face:


The WRT based firmware stuff will, thats usually the non FTTC modem versions.

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So i decided to go with the ASUS be98 as my wife purchased it for me without informing me😂. So upon trying to setup which is a pain in the matter what I do it won’t work. The only way I can get it to work it connecting the ont to Yayzi router then connect Asus router to Yayzi router via 2.5gb port. The options it has is

Automatic ip, static ip, pppoe, & a few others

I think it may have to be returned and purchase alternative.

Does anyone have any ideas?

:wave: You’ll need to select automatic IP (DHCP) and find out where to set ‘VLAN 911’ for the WAN (internet) port on your Asus router :blush: That should be enough to get you up and running :crossed_fingers:

Guide for another router:

From what I remember the stock ASUS firmware for their routers doesn’t have VLAN tagging but the Merlin custom firmware does. The Merlin custom firmware is supported by Asus so you won’t lose your warranty flashing it on it.

@Anthony thanks I will look into this on Friday

Looking here it may be possible on the stock firmware

Asus Router VLAN Tagging: Boost Your Network Efficiency | by Arafat Bidyut | Medium.

So it should be IPTV tab> Internet; VID 911 and Priority 0.

Ok I will have a look. Should that be all I need to change


Looks like :mage:wrt doesn’t support my router.

So I have had to put the Yayzi router to ont box and the ASUS router to Yayzi router but for some reason I am getting double NAT on Xbox. Which dhcp server do I need to turn off the Yayzi one or the ASUS one?


What are you using between the Yayzi router and Asus router? What mode is it in?

I would think it needs turning off DHCP on the Yayzi router.

Just have it as router mode I think on ASUS router and turned off wifi etc on Yayzi one

I will try turn off DHCP on Yayzi router tonight

You know that the connection between Yayzi and their router should be ok, so it’s just getting the connection between the Yayzi router and Asus passing traffic.

This article might give you help in connecting two routers.
In different configurations :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for your help👍

No problem, hope it helps you get sorted out :+1: