Using my own router


Is there a guide i can follow to use my own router? where can i get my PPPoE username and password from?


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I’m not with Yayzi, but I’ve already contacted them about this stuff. They do not use PPPoE and just use straight up DHCP. So it’s very much plug and play.

The router setup guide for the provided router should give enough info to setup your own. Haven’t confirmed it works yet as I don’t have my connection but it looks straightforward.

thanks everyone, just waiting for my line to be made live, think there is a slight config change that needs to be done then i’ll be online, will then hopefully get my own UDW setup correctly.

Just incase anyone stumbles up on this, i have my Ubiquiti Dream Wall all setup, it was really simple, using dynamic till my Static IP is assigned.

VLAN ID: 911
Set to Dynamic IP (will prob change when Static is available)

and thats all, just connects and enjoy the fast speed

I think you will just keep it on dynamic even when your static IP is assigned and Yayzi’s DHCP will simply assign you out the static IP.

ah that makes sense, well if thats the case @Yayzi_Staff then we are all good here :slight_smile:

Does anyone know what the username and password is for PPPoE?

i’m using pFsesne and it says i require a username and password


There is no PPPoE it’s DHCP only. You will need to create a new VLAN on the interface (ID 911), and then listen with a DHCP client on that VLAN interface.

Thank you @Peter

I was misread some other posts on reddit and elsewhere, saying to use PPPoE but soon as I re-read all this i realised that its DHCP.

Just need my static IP @Yayzi_Team

You’re all done! :slight_smile:

Yayzi Support Team

Thanks you so much!


Hi Peter,

I am really struggling to get Opnsense to work. I have plugged a Unifi gateway device in instead, set it to use VLAN 911, and all is fine. However, for the life of me I can’t get Opnsense to work. I have created a new VLAN with tag 911 with the WAN NIC as parent, then assigned the WAN interface to use the VLAN instead of the NIC interface directly, but can’t get an IP. Opnsense says the link is up but just can’t get that pesky IP. DHCP enabled on the WAN interface of course.

I just don’t get what I’m missing as it shouldn’t be that hard! Any help would be appreciated.


It’s been many years since I’ve used pfSense (and never OPNsense) now, but from what I remember there are 3 distinct steps:

  • Create the VLAN with tag 911 with the physical interface as the parent interface
  • Create a new virtual interface and assign the VLAN to that interface
  • Change the virtual interface’s config to use IPv4 DHCP

To me it sounds like you did all of those things?
Is the DHCP client definitely enabled on the VLAN virtual interface and not on the underlying physical interface?
Are there any DHCP client logs?

Hi Peter,

Yep, definitely. Opnsense says the link and DHCP are both up:

It’s the same behaviour I had on the Unifi when I first plugged in and before I had assigned the VLAN tag. So, it’s like it’s not recognising the tag is there. There’s no obvious DHCP log that I can find so I’ll do some Googling on that one.


Interesting - I’m not sure how much I can help further but I guess one point of consideration is that your screenshot mentions the media is 10Gbase-T. I am not sure if it’s just reporting that because it’s a virtual interface with the VLAN on it, or whether you actually have a physical 10G port backing it. If you do have a physical 10G port backing it, are you certain that your OPNsense router and the ONT are actually negotiating a connection between themselves successfully at all? The fact your router has sent packets out but received absolutely zero back from the ONT is a bit suspicious. Try manually setting the port speed on the router side to 1G or 2.5G explicitly depending on if you have a 1G or 2.5G ONT.

Hi Peter,

I’m thinking that might just be an issue with Opnsense and running on a VM as it also reports the LAN interface at 10Gb whereas it is 1Gb, same as the WAN. There are no issues with that and also no issues with it saying it’s 10Gb when hooked up to the VM cable modem. So, think that’s a bit if a red herring.

Would be good to hear if anyone else has got this working please, i.e. a DHCP (non PPOE) connection to the ONT from an Opnsense device, and to possibly provide screenshots so I can do an exact like for like compare to see what exactly it is I’m clearly missing.

Oh, couldn’t find any DHCP client logs - only server.


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Is it only a 1G physical network connection on the host? If it’s more than that (like a 2.5) it still may not be negotiation correctly, although it’s less likely.

Yeah, they’re only 1Gb ports.

Very strange, it does seem like it’s something about the VLAN not working at all. If you had the VLAN setup and working I’d expect to see some return packets to the interface even if DHCP wasn’t working properly.